July 27, 2011

Cured by Cured Meats!

Ever just have one of those days?  Software isn't working, customers constantly calling, the boss is MIA?  Well, maybe it's not that's not your specific tipping point, but when you work in a high tech startup, you often find yourself backed against a wall.  When that happens to me (and/or Eric -- who works for a different high tech startup), I pull out the big guns.  By guns, I mean delicately wrapped, freshly sliced cured meats and cheeses.  Nothing turns my frown upside down like a meat and cheese plate.  This a plate we recently put together at our house.

Meats (1) Iberico Loin, (2) Jamin Iberico Reserve, (3) Porchetta, (4) capicola.
Cheeses (5) Truffle Goat Cheese, (6) Aged Cheddar, (7) Truffle Tremor (basically truffle Brie), (8) Roquefort (soft bleu cheese), (9) Dunbarton (hard bleu cheese - a bleu for people who do not like bleu cheese like me!).

Try adding some truffle honey and fig confit with some crackers to top off this spread.  Serve as afternoon indulgence or an appetizer which will certainly cure the day you are having!

What are your guilty pleasers?  It can be food, wine, yoga, anything.  I'd love to hear about what gets you going after a hard day.

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