July 1, 2011

On Board: Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries

I have a little bit of a TV obsession.  I drive poor Eric nuts about the DVR and making time to watch all of my Real Housewives (all cities), Gossip Girl, White Collar, Psych, the random BBC documentary, Weeds, Nurse Jackie, and, yes, True Blood.  After the first season of True Blood ended, I ran out and bought all of the Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Mysteries books from which the True Blook series was based.  It was a great experience being able to plow through the set of 8 books in one string of reading.  They are such a great mix of mystery, love, suspense, and of course a little violence and fantasy.  I mean, faeries don't really exist....do they??!  Anyway, the new book just came out last month and I devoured it in three sittings. (hey, I still have to make time for TV!)

The best thing about the books is that the HBO series has taken a somewhat different direction than the book series.  This means that you get Charlaine Harris' Sookie in the books and HBO's Sookie on TV.  She's the same great character in the books as well as TV.  A small town girl, a little insecure at times, self sufficient and independent, yet never willing to take anyone's crap -- not even from a Vampire!  If you're like me and like getting *ahem* suck-ed into a series, then the Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Mysteries is a great read.  Enjoy!
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Do you have any book series recommendations?

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