January 22, 2013

Battersea Snow Day

We are moved into our flat in Chelsea and have been experiencing the most amazing winter weather in London.  As temperatures continue to hang below freezing, you start to feel restless hanging inside all day. In an effort to fight off cabin fever, we bundled up on Sunday and headed across the Albert Bridge to walk in Battersea Park.

The public parks in London are incredible and Battersea is no exception.  The park is on the south bank of the Thames, has plenty of walking paths, and, most importantly, is dog friendly!  The park was full of kids sledding and couples walking.  Oh, and plenty of dogs off leash who my Thomas could snif and meet.  I'm so glad we got out and enjoyed the day with so many other Londoners.

Such beautiful trees that dwarf the street lamps
My boys playing in the snow.
The Peace Pagoda looks especial tranquil covered in snow 
Thomas enjoying the walk in the snow
Snowman family -- their construction I can't claim, but too cute not to snap a picture

Super sized snow man! This group had been spending some major time getting this guy together.
View of Chelsea through the snow from Battersea Park

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