January 30, 2013

Muji Madness

Living in London is great for a lot of reasons, but my favorite reason is the accessability.  We have at our fingertips some of the best food, shopping, and sights in the world.  I'm excited to have discovered a Muji walking distance away from our flat.  Muji is a Japanese retail company with stores all over the world.  Their of top quality products range from gel pens, organizational products, clothing and furniture.  The best thing is that Muji products are reasonably priced.  This weekend, I snagged a set of gel pens for my new desk, the cleaning system (so cheap and super easy to store!), a storage box for my closet (I think I need at least two more), a trash bin, and a sushi omelette pan.  On my list of things to buy is the guest mattress/footstool for my office.

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