February 1, 2013

Vienna's Cafe Culture

The Viennese have one of the great cafe cultures in the world.  Dropping into a posh cafe between museum tours is a great way to relax and refuel.  These cafes are stocked with decadent pastries and serve world class coffee drinks.  My favorite coffee treat was the melange.  A melange is similar to a cappuccino, but a little bit sweeter due to the whipped cream topping.  These are a couple of the cafes we enjoyed on our stay in Vienna.  Enjoy!

Demel is a not to miss cafe near the royal palace in Vienna.  We don't usually go for the touristy spots, but this was a time I'm glad we did.

The avocado tartare and salmon was the perfect, light afternoon pick me up.

A selection of to-die-for treats

The cafe was only half a block from the palace.  Of course, the proximity made the cafe full to the brim with tourists, but the service was prompt and the food was really good.
Hotel Sacher has another can't miss cafe in Vienna.  The world famous Sachertorte was created here.  Though the Sachertorte is world famous, it's not so tasty.  Kind of like dry chocolate sponge cake with a hard chocolate shell.  The side of whipped cream helps, but I recommend having a melange handy to help wash this treat down!

My melange!  I can't wait to get back to Vienna and have another -- DOZEN!.
Another can't miss treat is the hot chocolate.  This isn't the kind of drink you get from a Swiss Miss packet.  This is actually hot, melted chocolate.  So rich and creamy and DELICIOUS! 

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