February 5, 2013

The Jugged Hare

Sunday roasts are a huge part of the Londoner lifestyle.  Looking for a good Sunday roast option, we headed into The City to check out The Jugged Hare.  This place is exactly what you would expect for a modern English pub.  When you walk in, the bar is backdropped by a menagerie of taxidermy that lets you know that you have entered a haven for meat-eaters, not particularly a place for vegetarians.  The dining room is sophisticated and comfortable.  You can envision business people talking deals over a large hunks of meat in here.

I ordered the "Jugged Hare".  This dish is exactly what it sounds like.  A rabbit stew is served inside of ceramic jug accompanied with mashed potatoes and cabbage.  The server said this dish is the best item on the menu and I can see why.  The dish was very tender, slow cooked meat drowned in a decandant red wine gravy.  The sides were the perfect accompanyment.  My husband ordered a bone marrow burger off the specials board.  This beast of a sandwich was shocking when they placed it in front of him.  It was super moist, but not too greasy.  And, no English meal is complete without a pudding -- we chose sticky toffee.  It was superb!

The best thing about the meal is that we found out the proprietors have two more places in Chelsea, so less travel.  We are looking forward to booking a pool table at The Cadogan Arms soon.  It's right down The Kings Road from us and is almost always packed.

Even though we didn't order any roast with as our meal, we had a lovely Sunday.

Image via London Evening Standard 

Image via Foodpedia
The Jugged Hare

Bone Marrow Burger

Sticky Toffee Pudding

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