June 16, 2011

On Board: Matt & Kim

Most people in Dallas are Mavs fans and as a result were making plans to watch Game 6 of the NBA Finals. We, on the other hand, were super jazzed to see one of our favorite bands, Matt & Kim, live at House of Blues Dallas.  Matt runs the keyboard and vocals while Kim disrespects the drums (in a good way!) and does vocals.  Matt & Kim put on a high energy show and, since almost all their songs are Indie Rock hits, there was hardly a chance to sit.

We listened to Matt & Kim during our Tuscan road trip this spring.  All of the lyrics brought back such great memories.  Don't worry, I'll be posting about that trip soon!!  

Matt & Kim are avid users of their Tweet Machine and Facebook fan page.  They make you really feel like they are your pals and allow you to be interested in what they are up to.  It was great seeing them live and realizing that they are just as cool on stage as they are portray themselves in social media.  Here are a few pics!
Kim (L) and Matt (R)

Kim has so much energy and kept jumping on top of the drums and running around the stage.  So fun!!

They passed out balloons and had everyone toss them around.  It was very "Flaming Lips" of them!

Any good bands you've seen lately?  I'm excited for TV on the Radio this September!!

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