June 1, 2011

On Board: Rock of Ages

Date night last Friday included a show!  My honey is such a sport for making our night fantastic.  He thought of everything including box seats at the new Winspear Opera House to see "Rock of Ages".  I am completely on board with this fantastic show!

For those of you not in the know, Rock of Ages is a musical, but not your typical "musical".  All of the songs are 80's hair band songs set to a love story between a new to LA "actress" and a "rocker" both of whom are only qualified so much in either field that they must precede the title with "aspiring".  All of the cast members are decked out in fishnets, thigh high stockings, rocker duds, and even a few mullets.  The show provides plenty of laughs and the feeling as if you are actually at a rock concert.  I have been recommending this show to everyone I talk to.

The bonus to the evening was that we had the opportunity to see a show in the new opera house.  Neither of us had been the new venue and we were glad to have the chance to check it out in such a casual setting.

Outside the Winspear Opera House

Rock of Ages set.  So much fun!!

View of the seating tiers

A few bubbles before the show began!
Do you see musicals?  Any recommendations on shows??

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