December 18, 2012

Bumpkin South Kensington

Considering I'm from middle America (Texas by way of Oklahoma), one might assume that this post title is in reference to myself.... But, it's not!  Right on Old Brompton road and near our vacation rental, Bumpkin is a self proclaimed "seasonal British food".  Great Britain takes great pride in their fresh, organic foods.  Bumpkin takes a fresh market approach to cooking, if it's in season, they are cooking it.  We hopped in last Friday for lunch, and the food was amazing.  Considering that Bumpkin is closer to our vacation rental than the nearest pub, we think we might try to make it back by before we move into our permanent digs.

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Cow Pie - Again, with the country jokes.... But, they meant beef pie (vs. chicken pie or veg pie). I just can't get enough of these things. This one in particular, had a flakey crust and moist chunks of meat and a smooth gravy inside.

Lamb Shoulder - Cooked really great and the onion was a superb compliment

Grilled Salmon - Who doesn't like a super fresh and perfectly grilled salmon for lunch?

Sides of Mash - Some cuisines have their holy trinity, in GB, I think meat and mash are the dynamic duo.
Word to the wise, one order of mash was enough for all three of us.

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