December 13, 2012

Duck Soup Soho

Our first noteworthy outing in London was to the über chic soho restaurant, Duck Soup.  This establishment is one of those "in the know" kind of places.  While sitting outside in the freezing cold waiting on our table to be ready.... because the 5 of us waiting on a table crowded all of the waiting room..... people kept walking by questioning what place this was. "what is duck soup?" "look how packed it is, let's go somewhere else" All I can say is that I feel bad for those people because they totally missed out.  If you like a good mystery cocktail and classic rock tunes played on vinyl, this is the kind of place for you.

Outside Duck Soup
Specials board in the front window

Our nice little table

The hubbub of Friday night.... this was taken about the same time "Sweet Home Alabama" came on the turntable

Samples of the daily handwritten menus.  Their daily menus are posted on their tumblr.

Salame Toscano

Scallops, Hazelnuts, & Lardo -- I'm a fool for lardo, but this takes my obsession to another level.

Mozzarella Cavolo Nero - these bitter leaves were amazing

Lardo Crescentine - this was lardo over a dense, fried bread, great combo

Lamb with Pomegranate and Feta

Vacherin, Pink Fir Potatoes, Cornichons - This fondue type dish was mind blowing. I've never had such pillowy soft, fresh cheese like this.  You could eat the cheese off a spoon or dip the potatoes.  Fantastic!

"In Duck We Trust" the Duck Soup signature cocktail. It was a great last drink. It tasted like a late harvest wine blended with a brandy type liquor.  You can see their wine list on the Duck Soup wine tumbler.
Duck Soup is definitely going to be a place I bring foodie houseguest who come to London for a visit.

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