December 20, 2012

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is part traditional Christmas market, part food/drink festival, part state fair. If you know anything about middle America, you know we love our state fairs!  I've been to the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland twice this year and am totally impressed by this event.  The massive crowds of people, the rides, the rubber tiled ground (so your toes do not get muddy, so typically polite) and yummy food makes this event a can't miss.  Our first night, we b-lined to the first (of many) mulled wine stands.  I was SMITTEN!  Mulled wine is like a mixture of warm apple cider with the heaviness of an actual red wine.  You can smell the cinnamon and other spices permeate off of your warm cup of delicious drink.  I think I had at least two!

Next was the food.  Would you be shocked to know that we started with a cheese plate with ham?  Followed by a sausage, then a bacon and cheese covered pretzel?....Well, you shouldn't be....because we did!

Aside from the cute German market style wooden stands that sell everything from fur hats to wooden ornaments, there is the live music.  Inside the large Bavarian tent, there are live DJ's and bands for those who dare to dance and not care.  It's a blast.  Aside from the live music, there are tons of rides.  I will definitely come back next year.  Winter Wonderland is so much fun!

Festive Entrance!  All admission is free.  Just pay for food, drink and rides.
Pretty massive crowd, but in true Brit fashion, everyone was courteous and you feel really safe.

Some yummy cheese and meat plate for walking around and looking at all of the cute booths.

Mmmmmm.....Mulled wine!

Me & Hubs, cheesing it up. xo
First live music section.  So many happy people!

Bavarian tent.  Live DJ.  Lots of dancing and so much fun!

I'm thinking that this might be the reason for so much dancing??...... or maybe the bottles of Veuve in the fridge for sale?

Me and the Hubs cheesing it up with some liters of beer....hey, we're in the Bavarian tent after all!

I'm sorry, but I have a thing about taking pictures of people taking pictures with their iPads.

Fun wooden gifts
Marzipan treats

"Rodeo Reindeer" - I had the biggest laugh at this!  The bar around the corner from our old apartment in Dallas had a mechanical bull on the front deck... I have never heard of anything like a mechanical reindeer!


My little sister from college is visiting us for Christmas break.  Making an appearance on the blog.  Hollar!

So many rides!

Mmmm.... More mulled wine!!

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