August 26, 2011

Bath, Stonehenge and Salisbury

Last weekend, we headed out for a nice drive out to Bath for one night and then swung by Stonehenge, then Salisbury.  I really loved Bath!  The city is a great weekend city with lots of antique furniture and vintage clothes shopping.  I found the cutest shop and snagged a couple of vintage items myself.  *Yay!*

Our route

Cathedral in Bath

Roman Bath entrance - The museum tour was really interesting.  I liked seeing all of the artifacts, especially the curses that were written and tossed in the Baths!

Protesters blocking a nice photo opp of the front of the cathedral!

Side view of the cathedral

The Roman bath with the cathedral in the background

Fountain of water from the actual hot spring that fills the baths.  British women would came to drink the water to aid in producing male heirs while a King consumed the water to cure his gout.

Royal Cresent

View of Bath on the hillside

View of Bath

After a day in Bath, we headed out to Stonehenge to snap a pic from outside the fence.  We didn't really want to pay the fee and stand in the incredibly long line.  We've both seen plenty of Discovery Channel specials on the stones, so it worked out well.
Last stop on our journey, before heading back, was Salisbury.  This is a really cute town.  The cathedral was incredible.  It is set on a nice lawn where many people were enjoying the sunshine.

Such a cute little town

We ate at this pub for lunch

The cathedral spire
This weekend, we are heading back into London.  I'm excited to do some more shopping and seeing some of the sights we missed our first weekend!

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