August 28, 2011

Heavens Bazaar of Bath: Vintage Shopping in Bath, UK

While in Bath last weekend, we had ample opportunity to walk the streets and shop!  On our way to the Royal Crescent, we strolled down an alleyway and happened upon the cutest little shop, Heavens Bazaar of Bath.  I was first lured into the store by the wonderful storefront -- and a little nudge by Eric didn't hurt.  Once inside, I fell into awe with the case of vintage jewelry.  Rings, bracelets, necklaces, it was almost too much!  I spied a little leopard ring and knew I just had to have it.  Well, after taking my eyes from the case of jewelry, I quickly hopped to a rack of clothes, then to another rack, then another rack!  It all happened so quickly!!

Such a cute shop inside!

I was drawn to this case of really great vintage jewelry finds!

Scarves, gloves, brushes, glasses!!  So many choices!!!
After glancing up to a shelf above a rack of clothes, I spied a handmade leather belt that I just had to have.  The belt has the most brilliant mixture of browns, tan and black leather.  I think this belt is going to be so cute with a denim shirt for the fall.  The lady helping me even gave me tan and black straps to change out the color of the ties.  The other item I grabbed was a vintage 1960s snakeskin clutch.  I love all the combinations of snakeskin in a patchwork pattern on the purse.  I think is going to look great with some outfits I got in London our first weekend here. (I'm looking forward to adding outfits to my collection to wear with this purse!!)

My goodies!!

I love the front desk and how it's crowded with great last minute grabs!!

Downstairs, I could hear the ladies helping a customer sort through their assortment of vintage designer items.  In the back room, more designer vintage!  It was such a great place and the shop ladies are so friendly and more than willing to help you piece together outfits.  Jo, one of the proprietors, even came by the the front desk to say goodbye to the leopard ring I was purchasing.  I was sure to let her know I would take really good care of her favorite little ring!

What are your favorite shopping finds when on vacation?  Vintage or not, I would love to hear about your finds.


  1. I love Bath. looks like you're making the most of this great city. It made me feel like I was walking onto a period drama set.
    I think my favourite buy while travelling was a suede purse I now keep my camera in. Its not so much the item but I loved sitting down with the shop owner, in a side street in Nepal, having a cup of tea and politely bartering over the price.