August 12, 2011

Heading Out of Town..... London!

Image via Travel Vacation Package Info
We have booked a last minute, two week trip to the UK!!  When I first began this post, I was incredibly excited to see London in person.  I have never been to the United Kingdom which has the reputation of being a safe place to travel.  Unfortunately, the rioting, violence and unrest across the country has lead to concern about our safety.  As of now, we have been keeping up with the news and feel like the city will be a great first stop on our UK journey -- thanks Rick Steves for your reassurance!

Our current plan is to arrive and stay the first night in London, work out of Bracknell during the week, visit Bath for the first weekend, spend the next week in Bracknell, the second weekend in London and then head home.

I hope we will see plenty of historical sights, eat incredible food and shop Shop SHOP!!

What are your favorite parts/sights/places of London?  Anywhere you've been dying to visit?

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