August 5, 2011

Gruene, Texas Float Trip

Last weekend, we packed it up and headed south to float the Guadalupe River.  We left Dallas early Friday morning and got to New Braunfels mid day.  The river trip was full of the usual road trip shenanigans.  First, we floated the wrong river than the group we were trying to meet up with.  Who knew there are many different Rockin' Tubes?!  Then, we lost the tube that had the cooler on it while going through some rapids. Eek!  Luckily, Kara is a former ballerina and gracefully climbed back up the rocky bank of the river to retrieve the lost tube!  Kara immediately received hero status for her feat!!  It was fun talking Housewives and Gypsy Weddings with the women and men alike in our 16 person group.  We met some new people and had tons of laughs on the water!

Supplies!  Snacks, sunscreen, games and water toys.

We headed into Gruene for dinner at the Gruene Cotton Gin

Walking up to the cotton gin

The hostess writes your name on the board when your table is ready.  So cute!

Diners inside cotton gin

Our cabin was as close to the water as you could get.  This is the view from the our deck!

The river is peaceful -- at least after the tubers leave!
via Kara Legako
I'm looking forward to this weekend.  It's always a good time when my family comes to Dallas.  My little brother's band, Till Metro, will be playing in the Dallas Music Festival Saturday night.  I can't wait to see those little rockers jam out!

Have a good weekend!!!

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